Operating Desk

There are 2 types of Blackcam operating desks. One with a Joystick and the other with a Piezzostick. It is designed highly minimalistic and offers all basic control functions – according to experience and feedback of remote operators worldwide.

Track Controller

Track controllers are being produced for all systems. These devices are made for operating the Dolly in manual set-ups. Pedals and Joystick can be connected to the track controller.

B10 Mini Hand Controller

Track controllers are produced for all our systems. For the B10 there is also a mini hand controller available.


The tracks consist of two extrusions, basically. For the set-up, either underslung or overslung per meter one mounting bracket is recommended (1m tracks = 1 mounting bracket, 2m tracks = 2 mounting brackets, etc).


We offer various solutions for cabling. These tiny cable-carriers for the underslung set-up are totally inaudible.

Battery Pack

All systems can be provided with a 48 V battery & charger. The battery for the wireless option provides power for Dolly & Remote-Head. Standard camera batteries can be mounted onto the Dolly in order to power camera & wireless video transmitter.