The B60 takes the proven Blackcam qualities to a new level. It can carry more load, speed up for unlimited distances, go uphill, be operated with a rope drive and, if desired, comes equipped with a telescopic lift. Thanks to its strong body the system can carry  heavy cameras like Ikegami UHK-430Sony PMW-F55, Grassvalley LDX Worldcam and ARRI AMIRA.

The B60 was launched at HBO Boxing After Dark and been on the road with Ariana Grande’s “Sweetener World Tour”; designed for TV Studios, outdoor sport productions, the movie industry…

Let us know where you want to use it, we produce the system you need. For example with Remote-Head extension for a load of up to 20kg and customized solutions for the telescopic lift.



Any camera + lens combination up to 20kg overall weight
Recommended size: Block Cameras with ENG style lenses


Measurements: Length = 95cm / Width = 40cm / Height = 12cm
Speed: Standard 4 m/s (13ft/s), high-speed version on request
Drive Options: Self driven (600W Servomotor)
External rope drive (2.3kW Servomotor)
Power supply: Cable or battery operation
Batteries: LiPo batteries for dolly movement, runtime approx. 2hrs


Dimensions: 40cm width x 6cm height (15.78in width x 2.36in height), black anodized
Weight: 4kg/m (8.82lbs/3.28ft)
Track types: Rectangular track in modular sections (straight and pre-bended)
Round track in modular sections (straight and pre-bended)
Round track off the reel with supports
Pieces: Standard length: 4m, 2m, 1m, 50cm (13.12ft, 6.56ft, 3.28ft, 1.64ft)
Custom length possible
Curves: Minimum inner radius: 2m (6.56ft)
Several radiuses on stock, customized radius possible

Standard production cabling

Camera signal: HD-SDI via BNC, return PGM-Mix as SD/HD-SDI
Tally: XLR3 (dry contact between pin 2+3)
RCP: – depending on Camera –
Intercom: Listen + Talkback via 2 x XLR3 or other Intercom device provided
Power: 1 x 16Amp at operator desk


Operator desk: Non-restricted view to tracks is recommended
Need to be rain / sun covered
1 table + 2 chairs to be provided on site
Tracks: Wireless setups always need a off-park-position (i.a. battery change)
Access to tracks must be possible
If applicable, protection against audience contact is necessary
Radio backup: If applicable, allow for cable run tracks < > operator desk

Blackcam B60 Blackcam B60

Our B60 – designed for clients who asked for a system with a telescopic lift. It combines all Blackcam renowned qualities with more load & capacities. Already used for HBO, MTV, etc … and two B60s on world tour with Ariana Grande.