The B60 takes Blackcam’s qualities to the next level. It can carry more load, speed up for unlimited distances, go uphill, be operated with a rope drive, and comes equipped with our Tower Lift if desired by our clients.

Thanks to its strong body the system can carry heavy cameras like Ikegami UHK-430, Sony PMW-F55, Grassvalley LDX Worldcam and ARRI AMIRA.

The B60 was launched at “HBO Boxing After Dark” and two systems were on the road with Ariana Grande’s “Sweetener World Tour”. The B60 was designed for TV Studios, outdoor sport productions and the movie industry among others.

Let us know how you would like to use it, we create the system that fits your needs. For example, with Remote-Head extension for a load of up to 20 kg / 45 lbs. and customized solutions for the tower lift.



Any camera + lens combination up to 20kg overall weight
Recommended size: Block Cameras with ENG style lenses


Measurements: Length = 95cm / Width = 40cm / Height = 12cm
Speed: Standard 4 m/s (13ft/s), high-speed version on request
Drive Options: Self driven (600W Servomotor)
External rope drive (2.3kW Servomotor)
Power supply: Cable or battery operation
Batteries: LiPo batteries for dolly movement, runtime approx. 2hrs


Dimensions: 40cm width x 6cm height (15.78in width x 2.36in height), black anodized
Weight: 4kg/m (8.82lbs/3.28ft)
Track types: Rectangular track in modular sections (straight and pre-bended)
Round track in modular sections (straight and pre-bended)
Round track off the reel with supports
Pieces: Standard length: 4m, 2m, 1m, 50cm (13.12ft, 6.56ft, 3.28ft, 1.64ft)
Custom length possible
Curves: Minimum inner radius: 2m (6.56ft)
Several radiuses on stock, customized radius possible

Standard production cabling

Camera signal: HD-SDI via BNC, return PGM-Mix as SD/HD-SDI
Tally: XLR3 (dry contact between pin 2+3)
RCP: – depending on Camera –
Intercom: Listen + Talkback via 2 x XLR3 or other Intercom device provided
Power: 1 x 16Amp at operator desk


Operator desk: Non-restricted view to tracks is recommended
Need to be rain / sun covered
1 table + 2 chairs to be provided on site
Tracks: Wireless setups always need a off-park-position (i.a. battery change)
Access to tracks must be possible
If applicable, protection against audience contact is necessary
Radio backup: If applicable, allow for cable run tracks < > operator desk

Blackcam B60 Blackcam B60