Dimensions: 18cm x 15cm x 10cm (4.5in x 3.1in x 2.3in)
Perfect for Camera Models like: Toshiba IK HD5, Ikegami HDL-23 & sinaCAM.
Technical: Loads up to 500 gr of camera and lens. Lens control possible, even for special lenses.


Dimensions: 39cm x 19cm x 19cm (11.8in x 8.2in x 3.1in)
The best for cameras like: Sony Alpha 7, Nikon D5 & Canon EOS Rebel T7i.
Technical: Loads up to 5 kg, various lens controls for ENG and film lenses available.


Dimensions: 34cm x 24cm x 10cm (13.4in x 9.5in x 4in)
Best choice for models like: Sony HDC P1, Grass Valley LDX Compact, Ikegami HDL-45E, ARRI ALEXA Mini and AMIRA.
Technical: For weights around 5 – 8 kg, ENG lens control built in as standard, all other controls possible.

RH U-Extension

Dimensions of extended head: 34cm x 35cm x 10cm (13.4in x 13.8in x 4in)
Upgrades the B40 & B60 head to shoulder size cameras like: Sony HDC4300L, Grass Valley LDX 86/82 series and others.
Technical: With this extension the B40 & B60 Remote-Head can take up to 25 kg load.