Blackcam B40

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Blackcam B40 – the Emmy Award nominated NCAA railcam. This system is mainly used for concerts, movies and TV shows like The Voice and World of Dance. It is also highly demanded for sports events and used by clients like Olympic Broadcast Services, NHL, US Open, Fox Sports among others.

The B40 supports various box cameras, including the Sony HDC P1, Ikegami HDL-45E and ARRI ALEXA Mini.

Additionally, this outfitted system travels up to 13.12 ft/s (3 m/s) or at the exact speed the operator desires, down to a gentle stop.

Available as a single dolly, together with our remote head RHLarge or as customized model.

Let us know how you would like to use it, we create the system configuration that fits your needs.



Please check drawings attached for all measures.
Speed: Standard 4 m/s (13 ft/s), high-speed version on request
Power supply: Cable or battery operation
Batteries: LiPo batteries for dolly movement, runtime approx. 2hrs


Dimensions: 30 cm width x 12 cm height (11.81 width x 4.72 in height), black anodized
Weight: 4 kg/m (8.82 lb/3.28 ft)
Pieces: Standard length: 4 m, 2 m, 1 m, 5 0cm (13.12 ft, 6.56 ft, 3.28 ft, 1.64 ft). Custom length possible
Minimum inner radius: 1m (3.28 ft). Several radii on stock, customized radius possible


Camera: Sony HDC-P1, 3-CCD, 2/3-inch type, 16:9
Lens: 2/3” B4 bayonet mount, ENG
Sensitivity: F11 at 2000 lx (3.200K, 89,9 reflectance)
Horizontal resolution: 1000 TV lines (at Centre)
Output: 1080i/50, 1080i/59.94, 720p/50, 720p/59,94. 14bit SDI/HD-SDI via BNC
Power supply: V-Mount battery or cable

Production cabling

Camera signal: HD-SDI via BNC, return PGM-Mix as SD/HD-SDI
Tally: XLR3 (dry contact between pin 2+3)
RCP: 2 x XLR3 or 1 x XLR5 or 1 CAT5/RJ45
Intercom: Listen + Talkback via 2 x XLR3
Power: 1 x 16Amp Schuko at operator desk


Operator desk: Non-restricted view to tracks is recommended
Tracks: Wireless setups always need a off-park-position (i.a. battery change). Access to tracks must be possible. If applicable, protection against audience contact is necessary
Radio backup: If applicable, allow for cable run tracks < > operator desk

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